5SOS “Album” // September 2013

Haven’t seen this around fully updated, so I am doing it. The live ones are the best versions on the internet (and I searched for a week) and some of them are almost scream-free. None of these are mine, except for Tonight Tonight. There you go the links (all from Tumblr):

Bad Dreams
Beside You

Good Girls Are Bad Girls
Gotta Get Out
Green Light
Heartbreak Girl
I miss you
Lost Boy
Out Of My Limit
Over and Over
Tonight Tonight
Too Late
Try Hard
Voodoo Doll
Year 3000


Beside You
Gotta Get Out
Heartbreak Girl
Lego House
Voodoo Doll
(i couldn’t find any others)

5SOS “Album” // January 2014 (remembering these new ones were edited by me, and I will know if you steal it)


What I Like About You (not mine)
I’ve Got This Friend (not mine)
The Perfect Diguise


Jersey (Live)
Three Cheers for Five Years (Live)
I Miss You (Luke Solo Live)
Rolling In The Deep (Live)
Next to You (Live)
The Ballad of Mona Lisa
Gotta Get Out (Live with Guitar)
Original Song (never came out, don’t know the name)
Grenade (Luke Solo)
Heartbreak for Two (Live)
Everything I Want (Live with Guitar)
Jasey Rae (Live with Guitar)
Forever my Father (Luke Solo Live)

I just realized some of the songs had their link missing. Fixed.
And for that, have one more song:

Too Late (Live with Guitar)